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40 percent of Vermonters are considered non-drinkers, yet most local non-drinkers have reported not having the same quality drinks as what other drinkers are getting. That's where we step in.

drinks at home & on the town

Working with our restaurant and wholesale partners, we offer a selection of “mocktails,” branded beverages and proprietary mixes, highlighting our local restaurants and providers, while designing and creating concoctions of our own.

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Coffee Bean


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More on the way

One easy way to partner with us is to create a seasonal or themed alcohol-free drink from your establishment that we can feature on our new website..

Mobile Catering Service

For party planners, Free Spirits can provide its mobile catering service for your private gathering or public event! If you’re having a baby shower, bar mitzvah or high school graduation party, you can class things up with Free Spirits in an inclusive way. Free Spirits at your event can be in addition to alcohol as well.

Special Events

January 2021

Windham County

Dry January

Dry January is a movement to skip the alcohol for the first month of the year. It started in England in 2012, and has spread to America. Millions of people now take a one month off from booze, to start the year fresh. Scientific studies on participants show many health benefits of giving their body and their mind a break.

Sober Curious News

Sober curiosity is the investigation of life without alcohol. How do our bodies feel? How does our thinking change? How do our relationships evolve when alcohol is not a regular presence in our life?



 Whether you're pledging not to drink alcohol in April for the first time, or coming back to us, we're excited to share our tips and tricks with you, from wonderful alcohol-free drinks to the amazing health benefits of taking a break for the month. Individuals and...

Dry January 2021

Dry January 2021

  If you’re asking why you should face the world without a sip of wine or beer for a month, there are some compelling health reasons to do it.What is dry januaryBy A. Pawlowski “Dry January” is a month when many people voluntarily stop drinking alcohol after the...

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